Little White Chapel launch on Claggan Island Belmullet

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Little White Chapel launch on Claggan Island Belmullet

The Little White Chapel is being launched on Saturday August 22nd on Claggan Island off the coast of Erris. This Little White Chapel is the latest new enterprise concept of Dónal Byrne. Claggan Island will provide a unique location for the launch of a unique venture the Little White Chapel.  Claggan is a very special and beautiful location with stunning views of the Mayo coast from Erris to Achill.




An interesting aspect is that it can be accessed by driving across a long and beautiful sandy beach. The island consists of 150 acres, divided between two farmers and has a population of just eight. The launch is taking place on the farm of islander Chris Ginnelly. The Little White Chapel itself is a beautiful Little House on the Prairie-style building and is a mobile structure and can be erected anywhere. It’s an imaginative venue for weddings and a range of other celebrations or events.

So August 22nd is the day of the Little White Chapel launch, a unique venture being unveiled in a unique setting.  More details of the launch will be announced in the next few weeks to add to what promises to be a very memorable event.


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